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Arthur Coleman BBA, is an accounting, bookkeeping, and income tax professional - ready to put his knowledge and experience to work for you. 

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Are you spending too much time trying to make sense of  your Simply or  QuickBooks accounting system, or tracking your HST? Maybe it's time to switch to a cloud based system, making all your financial information up to date and available to you anytime, anywhere.

Our Services


Our accounting services include small business year-end preparation - from T2125 Statement of Business Activities for Sole Proprietorships to T2 corporate returns and financial statements. We also offer financial consulting services to keep your business on track. 


We prepare all types of income tax returns, whether it's basic or includes business, apartment rentals, investments, and more. We also help clients with HST calculation and filing and can assist in resolving tax issues with CRA.


Let us set up a  virtual bookkeeping system where all your revenue, expenses, payroll, etc. flow from your bank account(s) and debit/credit cards, into a cloud based system that puts your business's performance right at your finger tips. 

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